A powerful internet presence and digital marketing strategy all begins with your law firm’s website. It has to be professional, helpful and make a great first impression for prospective clients – whether they found you online or were referred to you. Bankruptcy lawyers, feast your eyes on 21 of the best bankruptcy lawyer websites on the web today.

Most of the bankruptcy law firm websites below rank on the first page of Google for their primary keyword – “bankruptcy attorney” – in their local market. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful, well-designed legal website and need ideas or inspirations for your site’s own design, content, functionality and structure, then look no further.

I recommend paying close attention to particular elements for each website, to get the most out brainstorming and web design ideation phase:

  • Sales copy that speaks to people filing chapter 7 or 13
  • Types of web pages and content published
  • Use of colors and incorporation with branding (some do it better than others)
  • Make notes of the call to actions (e.g. “Contact Us”, “Speak with an Attorney Now”, “Book a Free Consultation”, etc.) they use, where they are placed and the buttons and surrounding text
  • How does the website look on your computer and on your mobile phone?

1. Allmand Law

2. The Law Office of Holly B. Guelich

3. The Sexton Law Firm

4. Eric Wilson Law, LLC

5. Moran Law

6. Hensel Law Office

7. Southern California Law Advocates

8. Borowitz & Clark, LLP

9. Robert J. Adams & Associates

10. Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A.

11. Affordable Law, PC

12. Nowack & Olson, PLLC

13. The Benenati Law Firm

14. Law Office of Paul L. Urich

15. Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP

16. The Law Offices of Steidl & Steinberg

17. King & King Law, LLC

18. Gingold & Gingold, LLC

19. The Ballard Law Group

20. Law Office of Kimberly A. Sheek

21. Walton Bankruptcy Attorneys

Need a Custom Website for your Bankruptcy Law Firm?

After looking through this curated list of lawyer websites, deciding what you like and dislike is easy. Formulating a plan that fits your needs and your firm’s specific business model is another thing. 
Your core, online marketing asset is your website. It’s usually your prospective clients first or second touchpoint with your practice. It’s critical that your site supports your marketing efforts and meets (or exceeds) your objectives and expectations. Time is of the essence and the sooner that your firm gets its website right, the sooner results will follow. If you’re interested in exploring how Zahavian Legal Marketing might be able to help with this, book a call for a custom strategy proposal for your law firm’s bankruptcy website.