About Us

Zahavian Legal Marketing

Who we Are

Nowadays, digital marketing tools & components work together and compliment each other. Your website is a part of your marketing funnel, but alone doesn’t generate new business on its own. Each business’ marketing funnel is a complex assortment of features and platforms, working in cohesion; from Google Search to Ads to your TV Commercials and law firm’s unique positioning and value propositioning.

It is a full-time job to manage and monitor your brand, marketing assets and campaigns. We make this our full-time job for you. Our mission is to ensure that your practice is constantly generating new cases and clients.

Law Firms we Want to Work With

We take great pride in what we do and we believe in working with the utmost levels of transparency, ethics and integrity. We’re looking to work with law firms that share these values.

Many law firms focus heavily on marketing and advertising. While these are obviously critical to the success of any business, we do not believe it should be among a law firm’s top primary focuses or expertise. After all, lawyers and barristers benefit their clients – and society – by practicing law, not marketing. By working with lawyers that are focused on practicing law and trying cases, we know we’re working with people that are focused on their clients and their clients’ legal matters.

We want to partner with these firms in transforming their practices so that they can transform the lives of individuals and societies.

Our Vision

At Zahavian, we believe that our clients’ investments should be reflected in the service and results they receive. As a company our goal is to provide high quality services that fill both the expectations and the necessities of the client. We know that each law firm is unique, so the product that we deliver you should be unique too.

To achieve that goal, we think that having a good communication with the client is necessary. That way we can understand who you are and what you need, so we can build you a customized marketing solution.

Zahavian’s Approach to Marketing Consulting & Management

Your Law Firm’s Premier Marketing Partner & Consultants

Zahavians take your business very seriously. Many agencies that are Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners have a sales advantage in promoting their partnerships with large advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook. While these agencies use a variety of payment and margin structures, many using an added markup scheme, charging 25 – 50% above Google and Facebook’s CPC (Cost-per-Click). Hence, their revenue is directly proportional and linked to their Partners’ (Google and Facebook) revenue. They do not generate revenue based on results, but based on clicks and budget spent. This means that the Agency makes money when their Platform partners make money.

Zahavian only partners with its clients. Not vendors and platforms. We believe that these marketing platforms are wonderful and lucrative tools, but that is where we draw the line. They are just tools – not partners. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously. We profit as you profit. Our team is a group of motivated professionals that care to their core, about growing your business.

Results-First Oriented. Not just High-Tech and Fancy Tools.

Because we are so invested in your law firm’s success, we don’t always offer the fanciest, high-tech tracking methods like call tracking, for instance. Services like call tracking will be useful in the future for tracking which campaigns are performing best and which of your marketing and consulting partners are bringing you the best results for your law firm. However, until any page can be loaded without lag or delay, we believe that it is more important to have a fast loading site and marketing funnel so that your law practice generates as many new leads and cases as possible. We do track messages and form submissions from e-mail, your firm’s website, Facebook page and other mediums.

Call Tracking works by adding a code script to your website. Every code script, video and image on your site adds overhead and hence slows down your website’s speed. This can have a significant impact on your firm’s number of new leads. Additional tracking tools such as call tracking are used occasionally and temporarily for marketing performance analysis and diagnostics, however are not kept used than needed.