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Law Firm Web Design

Is your website in need of an update? Is it mobile responsive and promote a professional image of your firm? Get a website that generates more clients for your practice.

PPC & SEM Ads for Law Firms

We create, manage and monitor highly-targeted PPC and SEM campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook Ads. With PPC & SEM Ads, we turn high-interest traffic into new cases for your law firm.

Social Media for Lawyers

Is your firm’s Facebook page getting the attention it deserves?  We take care of the entire management process. From planning posts and content to sharing it with your local audiences on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make sure that every part of your firm’s marketing funnel is running at 100%. Having a site and funnel optimized for turning visitors into leads is key. CRO ensures your firm isn’t leaving anything left on the table.

Law Firm SEO

Search Engine Optimization makes sure that your website (and firm) is always receiving fresh, new traffic and generating new leads around the clock. Get your firm noticed at the top of organic search results.

Analytics & Reporting

We make sure it’s easy to see the difference in partnering with Zahavian. You’ll get reports that demonstrate precisely how much value your website, SEO and paid Ads are generating for your law firm.

Online Marketing that Works

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I cannot stress how satisfied I am with Jared and the work he has completed for me. Not only did he know exactly what I wanted, but he improved it, in the process. I have worked with countless designers and marketers and have never seen anyone like him.
Lance Baldwin

AS LLC, Boston

Jared was a pleasure to work with. He rapidly tackled a problem that three developers failed to sort before, he did that rapidly and was extremely courteous. I won’t hesitate to work with him again.

Dr. Éric Archambault

CEO, SM Inc., Montreal

Our 3 Step Process
Generating More Clients & Cases

#1 – Awareness

Get Found in the Areas you Practice in.

Be in front of your target audience when they’re looking for you online

It’s just like they say for opening a business -location- is key. The same is true for your business online. Think of the web as real estate and your website, Google maps listings, social media pages and local directory listings are your properties. It’s important to strategically locate, manage and optimize these properties to ensure your business has prime locations when people are searching for a business like yours.

#2 – Consideration

Engage Your Prospects & Visitors

Show your visitor that your firm solves their legal matters.

Once your target audience and prospects have found you, it’s now time to show them why you qualify as the seller or service provider they’ve been looking for.

Creating strong, compelling and engaging content is your way to commit your brand’s image to memory. Make a statement and stand out in your prospects eyes. Whether it’s videos, images or written content that captures their attention and gets them thinking about you as the right fit or business partner… We have the knowledge and experience to help you stand out and stay memorable to your audience. 

#3 – Conversions

Turn More Visitors into New Clients

Get more calls and leads from engaged visitors

In this stage of the strategy, we create unique experiences and funnels that help you to convert more of the serious traffic into warm leads. It’s always more effective to have warm, inbound leads that are reaching out to you.

Now that your visitors have found you and had time to understand what you and your firm are about, it’s time to convert as many of them as possible, into clients retaining your legal services. 

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