Both organic and paid search engine marketing are very popular, lucrative and competitive channels for law firms looking to attract more clients, including for estate planning legal services. A fundamental key to the success of your search engine marketing efforts is knowing the right keywords to target.

Below on this page, we’ll go over the top estate planning keywords that solo attorneys and law firms can benefit from in both SEO and PPC ad campaigns. These keywords are picked from a much larger list of search queries, selected to be the best in terms of generating new calls and inquiries from our experience in running both ads and performing search engine optimization to rank for these profitable searches.

The Best Estate Planning Keywords for SEO and PPC Ads

Below are the top 60+ estate planning keywords for attorneys and law firms that we found from Google’s Keyword Planner. To compile this list, we looked at more than 1,000 most common estate planning related keywords (sorted by monthly search volume) in the United States and filtered out irrelevant search terms as well as queries and phrases known to have lower conversion rates.

Of the one thousand keywords we exported, we calculated that this generates an average of over 523,000 searches every month in the United States. However, if you were looking for assurance that the list below is the best of them, these 60-plus search terms alone make up over 324,000 searches per month (or 61.97%) of the total search volume from the top one thousand keywords.

Focusing on these keywords means you’ll be putting your energy towards the searches that have the most volume and best potential return on investment and effort.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCompetitionAvg. Top of Page  Bid
power of attorney90500Medium$2.66
durable power of attorney33100Medium$2.08
medical power of attorney18100Medium$1.67
estate planning attorney14800Medium$14.48
probate lawyer14800Medium$14.16
estate attorneys near me14800Medium$11.38
probate attorney12100Medium$16.42
estate planning attorney near me9900Medium$13.18
estate lawyers near me9900Medium$10.55
estate planning lawyer8100Low$14.78
probate attorney near me6600Medium$13.95
probate lawyer near me5400Medium$12.94
will lawyer5400Medium$8.98
will attorney4400Medium$9.24
financial power of attorney4400Medium$1.84
health care power of attorney4400Medium$1.96
will attorney near me4400Medium$9.16
will lawyers near me4400Medium$9.29
general power of attorney3600Medium$2.33
trust attorney near me3600Medium$11.57
trust lawyer2900Low$11.62
durable power of attorney for health care2900Low$2.01
irs power of attorney2900Low$17.12
trust attorney2900Low$12.58
limited power of attorney2400Low$1.58
trust lawyers near me1900Medium$11.78
estate planning lawyer near me1900Medium$12.92
will and trust attorney1900Medium$12.07
special power of attorney1600Low$2.07
living trust attorney1600Medium$11.97
power of attorney lawyer1600High$7.22
lawyers that do wills near me1600Medium$8.88
wills and estate lawyers near me1300Medium$12.45
living trust attorney near me1300High$11.74
power of attorney notary1300Low$2.76
trust and estate attorney1300Medium$13.93
durable power of attorney for finances1300Medium$2.24
wills and trusts attorney near me1300Medium$11.78
wills and estates lawyer1000Medium$11.43
real estate power of attorney1000Medium$2.70
power of attorney lawyers near me1000Medium$7.74
asset protection attorney880Medium$12.89
trust and estate planning attorney near me880Medium$12.75
will and trust lawyer880Medium$12.27
intestate lawyer880Low
lawyers that do wills720Medium$9.42
lawyer for wills and trusts near me720Medium$11.11
asset protection lawyer590Low$12.95
living trust lawyer590Medium$12.11
power of attorney for property480Low$4.62
temporary power of attorney480Medium$1.80
wills and probate attorneys near me480Medium$12.74
best estate planning attorney near me480Medium$12.43
living trust lawyers near me480High$11.68
poa attorney480Medium$6.56
living will lawyer480Medium$10.75
lawyer for wills and trusts480Medium$10.83
wills and estates attorney480Medium$11.74
estate litigation attorney390Low$15.50
trust litigation attorney390Low$24.52
living will attorney390Medium$9.32
inheritance lawyers near me390High$9.95
best estate attorney near me390Medium$11.43
estate probate attorney390Low$15.11
trust and estates attorney near me390High$12.00
special needs trust attorney near me390Medium$11.58
last will and testament attorney320Medium$9.18
best probate attorney near me320High$11.08
last will and testament lawyers320Medium$8.61
Keywords for Estate Planning Attorneys from Google Keywords Planner Tool with the Highest search volume in the U.S. along with average CPC bids calculated from “Top of Page” low and high range bids.

Many of the keywords shown above are highly similar or synonymous with other keywords in the table. Examples include “estate planning attorney near me” and “estate attorneys near me” or “probate attorney” and “probate lawyer”.

This is because different people will search for the same thing using different keywords and search terms. This varies on the individual, but also geographically. Based on which terms are more common in your market, you will want to optimize your organic and paid search campaigns to meet these differences and capture more conversions, leads and clients.

Keywords and Targeting for your Local Market

All of the keywords listed above are geographically generic. In other words, none of them contain names of states, cities or counties.

Many of the top estate planning keywords listed above can be combined with state names, cities and counties to focus on local markets. This is critical for both paid and organic search campaign optimization and is key for improving performance.

Use tools like Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to find the best local keywords for your law firm.

Estate Planning Keywords for PPC vs. SEO

Depending on your search engine marketing strategy, you may be using either pay-per-click (PPC) ads, search engine optimization (SEO) or a combination of both to attract new clients for your law firm.

The list above is ideal for both paid and organic strategies. This is because these keywords are geared toward a more transactional search intent, meaning that users searching for these keywords are more likely to call a lawyer or law office they find through their search. 

However, with SEO you can expand your list of keywords to rank pages and content for more informational topics, such as “types of power of attorney” or “do I need a trust to avoid probate?”. 

These searches won’t likely result in nearly as many phone calls and inquiries for new business as someone searching for “estate planning attorney” or “wills and estate lawyer boston”.

You may not want to spend advertising dollars bidding for these keywords and search terms for PPC ads though, as it could be challenging to recuperate your investment. However, with enough search traffic and the right call to actions, can still result in new leads and be worthwhile investing SEO efforts into ranking for such queries. 

For attorneys and firms in highly competitive markets that are new and don’t have the budgets or marketing power to compete for expensive PPC keywords or transactional keywords for SEO, producing broader topical content for information queries rather than transactional keywords could be a better approach for them.

Looking for an Online Marketing Strategy that Fits your Law Firm?

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