Copywriting & Content Marketing

We create high quality web content for law firms. Improve your site’s ranking and get  more visitors each month by enhancing your content! High quality content will help your firm to draw more relevant traffic to your site and your practice. If you already have a good design let us help you with your content, so that way you will give your audience the information they need to choose you as their first option.

High Quality Content

When you’re working on a project, whether digital or print media, it’s normal for you to invest a lot of resources that translate into time and money. A few areas where we frequently see this is in designing and launching new sites and media production such as blogging and video creation.

Although the design and graphical elements are important parts of your project, you should not forget the most vital component to pay attention to: your content!

Your Content Matters

So why is the content so important? Fist of all, because it’s the bridge between you and your audience. It’s what helps you convey your message and image: What makes you unique? Why should they trust you? Why are you the authority?

Furthermore, high quality content will prove as a solid pillar in improving your rankings in Search Engines like Google and you will get more traffic and a bigger audience.


Zahavian’s Copywriting Team

At Zahavian Consulting, we take our role very seriously in the content we produce for our clients and the affect it has on the success of our clients’ projects. As a result, our team is made up of writing specialists that will work to deliver outstanding and high quality content that is relevant, original and that contains the best keywords for targeting your business’ audience.

Captivate your audience

This is what our team offers you:

  • Relevant information: Offer your readers want the information they are looking for.
  • Custom content: Every market and its target audience are different and the content needs to be adapted for these features. Our specialists will make sure that the tone and the vocabulary of your content will be suitable for your target market. 
  • Content properly worded: A high quality content not only means to share relevant information, but also to do it in the proper way. Therefore, our team will deliver you a content easy to read, engaging and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Our Copywriting & Blog Content Rates for Lawyers

Choose any of our options to enhace your content and extend your audience. 

Short Form

1 – 2 Articles

  • Simple blog posts or page content
  • Written by Law school graduates, legal professionals and former lawyers
  • Content fitted to researched keywords to rank in Google & Bing search

1,000 words (total)



*Additional Content at $0.185 per word

Long Form

1 – 2 Articles

  • Long form blog posts or core service page content
  • Written by Law school graduates, legal professionals and former lawyers
  • Keyword research performed to maximize rank in Google & Bing search
  • 2,000 words (total)



*Additional Content at $0.175 per word

Content Pack

1 – 3 Articles 

  • Long form blog posts
  • Written by Law school graduates, legal professionals and former lawyers
  • Keyword research analysis to maximize rank in Google & Bing search
  • 3,000 words (total)



*Additional Content at $0.170 per word

Blog by Phone

Lawyers Wanting to Blog

  • Send your content outline ahead of time
  • Schedule Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Phone Calls with our Content Team
  • We interview you over phone
  • We transcribe into blog post & publish to your website
  • Edit & Publish as Podcast Available

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