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We create and write high quality legal web content for law firms. Improve your site’s ranking and get  more visitors each month by enhancing your content! High quality content will help your firm to draw more relevant traffic to your site and your practice. If you already have a good design let us help you with your content, so that way you will give your audience the information they need to choose you as their first option.

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We Care about Your Legal Content

Producing high quality content that generates new business and your firm can proudly publish on its website takes time, care and research. At Zahavian Legal Marketing, we obsess over publishing legally factual and accurate content. Our legal content writing process is designed to produce accurate content that reflects current state and federal laws. We work on continually refining our processes and systems to deliver the best content marketing for law firms.

All blog and law firm website content is tailored to your practice area, your target market and your firm’s business goals. As part of our law firm SEO programs, all content we produce is carefully researched to ensure that it delivers maximum value. ZLM only writes content if it will either drive new leads and potential clients for your practice or support your website’s web presence, authority and link building campaigns.

Quality over Quantity

Many agencies that offer copywriting services for lawyers or even SEO programs will often use monthly or quarterly quotas to produce content as one of the main deliverables. The problem is that depending on monthly copywriting quotas as the primary metric of value delivered can be somewhat misleading in a good program and detrimental to your goals.

SEO and content marketing for lawyers requires a more tailored and focused approach to the specific law firm and to the needs of the marketing campaign as a whole. It requires working on more activities than just legal content writing. It relies on:

  • Producing content
  • Promoting content
  • Building links
  • Optimizing conversions
  • Optimizing site structure
  • Building, managing and maintaining off-site signals

At Zahavian Legal Marketing, we operate differently. While we produce and publish lots of unique, in-depth content and resources for your law firm, rather than deliver 3-4 articles every month (for example), we might deliver 40-50 articles over a 6-month period (a year’s quota). This has many advantages, including getting you rankings faster. Instead of Google indexing and ranking 20-25 pages over a 6 month period, it will index twice of that. Furthermore, the latter 6 months can be dedicated to promoting that content, building links, identifying opportunities and improving your site, optimizing and much more.

What Is Content Marketing for Lawyers?

Content marketing for lawyers is a form of marketing which aims to promote an attorney or law firm’s services through marketing long form content. It consists of legal content writing and promoting that content through certain channels such as organic search, email and social media.

In simple terms, law firm content marketing consists of creating valuable content for a target audience. That target audience is (in most cases) the law firm’s prospective clients for its most desired cases. The objective is to provide answers and information for potential clients, so that the content will increase traffic to the firm’s website, to ultimately convert visitors into leads and leads into cases.

When done properly, with diligence and the utmost care, legal content marketing is a win-win situation for all participants. Potential clients benefit from being able to research their legal matters and find valuable information related to their legal situations. The law firms that publish that content attract those potential clients to their websites and convert them into new consultations and signed cases.

There are many formats and types of media that fall into content marketing, including:

  • Website content
  • Legal blog posts and articles
  • Social media post content
  • Videos (for social, YouTube, webinars, live streams, and clips)
  • Email marketing campaigns, drip sequences, and newsletters
  • Graphics and infographics
  • Search engine optimized pages
  • Gated content and lead magnets
  • Review and testimonial marketing materials
  • Podcasting
  • Physical newsletters

Each medium and format serves a different purpose with its own goals, strategies and tactics. Social media platforms don’t function the same way as search engines, nor should they. Therefore, when developing a content marketing strategy with a unified set of goals and targets, it’s important to choose the right combination of channels with the appropriate synergies which will work together to hit your firm’s goals in the specified timeframe with a given budget.

Benefits of content marketing for law firms

There are many different forms of marketing and ways to attract new clients. Many lawyers, law firms and business owners in general don’t understand the advantages and potential value of having a content marketing strategy. Here’s a list of just a few of the major benefits:

  • Increase the number of leads and cases: The obvious goal of any law firm’s marketing campaign or effort is to sign more cases and clients. A solid content marketing strategy should be no different. Our strategies are tailored to each law firm’s goals, business model, primary practice areas and the unique challenges presented by their target market and competition. While it usually takes time before results are generated, our law firm content marketing programs are highly effective in generating a stream of new leads, clients and cases on a predictable and consistent basis.
  • Build brand awareness: Growing your law firm’s brand presence is an important part of marketing. It also takes a lot of time for a brand to take hold in the mind of its primary market. Every law firm’s marketing campaign that is designed to generate clients in the short term should also serve the business by helping to build its brand awareness up gradually for the long term. A well-developed and executed law firm content marketing strategy can achieve both the short term client acquisition objectives as well as promoting your brand so that it sticks in the minds of those you serve in the long term.
  • Improve Google rankings and website traffic: At the core of ZLM’s content marketing programs is SEO and web content. Our programs build your Google rankings and increase visibility, web presence and authority starting on day 1. Over time, these results compound quarter over quarter and year after year. If your firm is looking to dominate page 1 of the search results for its most valuable keywords, our content marketing programs do just that and without fail.
  • Reduced cost-per-lead and cost-per-case: There are many ways that attorneys can generate clients and cases. Some are faster than others, taking 1 week or less to begin seeing results. However, those methods usually come at a premium. While the speed might be desirable in the early days of starting a practice, it can eat away at valuable margins. Content marketing for law firms can take time to gain momentum and progress. However, once the momentum is built, results can compound over time with a fixed budget. Imagine getting 80% more leads year over year with 0% increase in marketing spend. That’s the power of our content marketing programs for lawyers.

Does content marketing work for lawyers?

Content marketing does work for lawyers. When using the correct channels and mediums, it can generate more clients than nearly any other marketing effort at a higher ROMS (return on marketing spend) and lower cost-per-case than most other marketing activities.

Law firms that have hired Zahavian Legal Marketing to develop, manage and execute their content marketing strategies have seen exceptional results.

  • We’ve helped a small criminal defense firm increase leads by 150% in less than 12 months.
  • A personal injury and family law firm that relied solely on YellowPages, TV and referrals now generates 50% of their cases through their website. Inquiries and phone calls have increased by 419%, resulting in the firm adding more staff, lawyers and clerks.
  • Increased case consultations and signups by 47% for a bankruptcy law firm in less than 4 months.
  • Increased site traffic by 974% in 6 months.
  • Built a website with zero web presence and authority (from scratch) from 0 to 5,000 daily visitors, from 0 to DR 44 with over 3,300 referring domains in 30 months.
  • Increased a criminal defense law firm’s site traffic by 1,440% in 1 year after building authority, publishing high quality content and reducing site’s net size by pruning low quality pages and content.
  • Increased traffic by 710% and generated over 300% lead growth in 12 months.


We’re obsessed with high quality content. Zahavian Legal Marketing holds its writers and writing partners to a very high standard when it comes to quality, legal and factual accuracy. We’ve hired many legal blog and content writing companies in the past. But since you can hire them or us, rather than tell you the difference we’d like to show you:

See more examples of our legal content writing capabilities and our quality assurance process below:

If you’re as concerned about the quality and legal accuracy of the content being produced and published on your website, social media and anywhere else under your firm’s brand, then we should talk. Every piece of content is internally checked multiple times before it is sent to you for final approval and publication.

How We Write Content for Lawyer’s Websites

One of the key differentiators in our services is our content production process. Here are the steps in our legal content writing system:

Identify & analyze your client’s legal interests

The first step is to thoroughly understand what your clients are experiencing and the questions they are asking when they are looking to hire a lawyer to handle their legal matters. This is important since no two attorneys have identical practices, business models or desired outcomes.

Some personal injury lawyers just handle serious injuries. Some family law attorneys focus on serving high net worth individuals, while others accept divorce clients from all walks of life. Some criminal defense attorneys wish to only attract misdemeanors, while others only want serious felony cases.

Since every practice is different, often the attorney’s desired target clients and cases vary, not just by practice area but specifically by case type. We understand this and we work on specifically targeting those cases and clients. Therefore, it’s important that we identify each particular client segment and map what’s known as their “customer journey” from when they first encounter their legal issue, to conducting their own research about their case to hiring a lawyer.

Research and select topics

With your clients’ key legal interests identified and analyzed, we move onto the keyword research and topic selection phase. This consists of building a special database of search terms that your prospective clients are searching for online.

Keywords are found, saved, analyzed, scrutinized and rated for their potential to drive 1) traffic and 2) the right type of prospective clients. Based on those factors as well as the alignment probability and estimated conversion rate of those topics, they are either queued to be further researched and written or discarded.

Legal content topics and ideas are not created, they are discovered and carefully selected to maximize results and your return on your marketing investment.

Establish a solid content foundation

Blogs, articles, guides and resources are the backbone of many of our law firm content marketing programs and campaigns. One of our primary objectives is to develop a strong base of content on your website that will build your Google organic search traffic (free, not pay-per-click) to generate more leads and clients. Once that’s in place, your content assets (blogs, pages, guides, etc.) can be used in bolt-on marketing channels like social media and email marketing.

Continuously build, strengthen and improve the content foundation

As our study showed, the law firms that consistently blogged get 6 times more traffic than those with an aging blog and 16.9 times more traffic than law firms without a blog. So continuous blogging is important. Continuous analysis and improvement and past legal content is equally important in our view.

We are always analyzing the legal content we produce to determine if it’s performing up to our (and your) expectations. That which isn’t is taken and improved upon, so that eventually, we do rank on page 1 for nearly every target keyword we know will get you more cases.

    Get a Custom Strategy

    Which Legal Marketing Services Are You Interested In?

    Website DesignBloggingContent MarketingAdWords & PPC AdsSEOLogo & Branding DesignEmail MarketingSocial Media Management

    Looking for Legal Content Writing or a Solid Content Marketing Strategy?

     If your law firm is exploring content marketing as a potential strategy that can deliver scalable and predictable growth, then we should talk. At Zahavian Legal Marketing we grow and manage online marketing strategies for law firms and websites of many sizes. We’ve grown websites from scratch to over 150,000 monthly visitors, have helped law firms generate more leads and cases (between 2-4x results in just 12 months) and actively manage websites that get millions of users per year. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know the types of law firms, practice areas and business strategies a content marketing strategy for lawyers will work for and those it won’t. 

    If you’re interested in learning about law firm content marketing and how it can help your firm reach its goals, then book a call now. On this call, you will get a transparent opinion on whether or not content marketing is a good fit for your law firm, and if it is, how we can help. If it’s not, we’ll let you know and tell you why.

    Results and Work We Deliver for Our Lawyers’ Internet Marketing Needs

    More Phone Calls + Leads

    Your attorney website will be optimized with elements and design techniques proven to increase conversions in the form of phone calls and lead contacts. That translates into opening more files. The best part is, you’ll be able to track your conversions every step of the way and see how hard your website is working for you.

    Complete Tracking + Reporting-Ready

    Some practices are seeking to market their website online immediately and others want to plan for the future. When Zahavian builds your firm’s website, it will have all the essential tools integrated and live to start collecting valuable analytics and tracking data from Day 1.

    Modern + Reliable

    Built with WordPress, your law firm’s website will be running on the most trusted and popular CMS platform on the market. This means there are no strings attached, no “proprietary system” that keeps you locked into contracts. Your website is portable, giving you the freedom to take it where you please.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I blog?

    At least once per month. The top-ranking law firm websites that pull in the most traffic are blogging at least one per month and many of them publish new content multiple times per month. More importantly than the frequency of publishing is the value and depth of the content. Some articles can be explained in 800 words while others may take 2,500 words. The content should be sized to the topic, not necessarily to meet a monthly quota. 

    There are many different questions and queries that people are searching for regarding their legal matters. Therefore, from an ideation and topic selection perspective, there are no real limitations on the number of topics your law firm could write about.

    What makes good legal content?

    Legal content should engage the readers and inform them about their legal matters. Content produced on legal topics and the law can be challenging for a number of reasons. Giving a definitive answer is one of those difficulties, however that’s ideally what people searching for answers to their legal questions are seeking out. The problem from a lawyer’s perspective is giving a definitive answer is difficult without giving advice to an individual, for their particular circumstances. 

    The best way to produce clear, informative and valuable legal content is by providing answers and information for the most common cases and applications. Instead of solely focusing, provide content and information about the legal matters and questions in following the information you provide concerning their primary question.

    How does Content Marketing Help My Law Firm Drive New Leads and Clients?

    There’s a large number of opportunities to explore within content marketing, from:

    • Publishing content and letting it rank organically in search results
    • Sharing blog and video content on social media
    • Distributing the content in a downloadable PDF in exchange for lead email
    • Email marketing and drip campaigns
    • Sharing articles and content in newsletters to drive referrals

    No matter what strategy works best for your firm, there are many content marketing options and channels available, focused on driving more leads and new business for your law firm.

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